Sep 10 – 14, 2023
TCU Place
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Light Peer Review

Light Peer Review 


IBIC is introducing a Light Peer Review option.  This option is intended as an intermediate level of publication between a non-refereed IBIC paper published in the JACoW conference proceedings and a refereed journal.


Successful peer reviewed papers will be published as part of the Institute of Physics Journal of Physics: Conference Series and therefore visible in the known publication and citation databases. The IoP Proceedings License Terms and Conditions can be found here.


  • July 7th: Registration deadline for LPR.
  • July 14th: Deadline for LPR paper submission in SPMS (seven weeks prior to the normal IBIC paper submission deadline).
  • July 17th-19th: Papers sent to referees.
  • July 31st: Deadline for 1st round evaluation of papers by referees.
  • August 11th: Deadline for paper resubmission (Papers will be resent to the same referees upon resubmission).
  • August 25th: Deadline for 2nd (and final) evaluation of papers.
  • September 6th: Deadline for all paper submissions in SPMS.
  • September 7th: JACoW editorial team begins editing for proceedings.
  • All papers that are not rejected will be included in the pre-press JACoW conference proceedings. 


In order to register to have an abstract light peer reviewed, click the following link: IBIC23 Light Peer Review Registration.  

The cost is $120 CDN per abstract. 

** No contributions will be accepted for publication only, any work which is not presented at the conference will be excluded from the publication. Furthermore, the SPC reserves the right to refuse for publication any work not properly presented in the poster sessions.

** When registering make sure to use the same email address that is registered in your SPMS profile and that you are the primary author on the abstract ID selected.

** No refunds will be issued, even if the papers has to be excluded from publication in the Institute of Physics Journal of Physics: Conference Series publication.

** You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully registered.  The registration system is managed by our conference organizer On Purpose Leadership.  For any technical issues with RegFox, please contact Thao Pham of On Purpose Leadership at 


Submission for IoP Publication


After the conference pre-press proceedings have been published, papers which have been successful, must be reformatted by the author and submitted into a different platform.  A link to the template and instructions on how to access the platform will be distributed to authors by September 22nd September 29th (2 weeks after IBIC 2023).  Reformatted papers are then expected to be uploaded by the authors by September 29th October 6th (3 weeks after IBIC 2023). 

** It is strongly recommended that authors submitting for peer review use JACoW LaTeX templates.  This will significant simplify the required reformatting required.


IOP Licence terms and conditions


By submitting the paper to the conference organizer, you, as copyright owner and author/representative of all the authors, grant a worldwide perpetual royalty free exclusive licence to IOP to use the copyright in the paper for the full term of copyright in all ways otherwise restricted by copyright, including, but not limited to, the right to reproduce, distribute and communicate the paper to the public under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence ( or any newer version of the licence) and to make any other use which IOP may choose world-wide, by all means, media and formats, whether known or unknown at the date of submission, to the conference organizer. 

This licence does not transfer the copyright in the paper as submitted which therefore remains with the authors or their employer, as appropriate. Authors may not offer the paper to another publisher unless the paper is withdrawn by the author(s) or rejected by IOP. 

Once published, the paper may be reused in accordance with the terms of the applicable Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence, including appropriate citation information (for electronic use best efforts must be made to include a link to the online abstract of the paper on IOPscience), a link to the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence, and indicating if any changes have been made to the original paper. 

By granting this licence, the author warrants that the paper they are submitting is their original work, has not been published previously (other than in a research thesis, dissertation, or pre-print which fact has been notified to the conference organizer in writing+), all named authors participated sufficiently in the conception and writing of the paper, have received a final version of the paper, agree to its submission and take responsibility for it, have read and understood IOP’s ethical policy and agree that the submission complies with its terms, and the submission has been approved as necessary by the authorities at the establishment where the research was carried out. By granting this license, the author also warrants that they act on behalf of, and with the knowledge of, all authors of the paper, that the paper does not infringe any third party rights, it contains nothing libellous, all factual statements are, to the best of the authors’ knowledge and belief, true or based on valid research conducted according to accepted norms and IOP’s ethical policy, and all required permissions have been obtained.

The IOP Proceedings Licence Notice


“Published under licence in Journal of Physics: Conference Series by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Creative Commons License
Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI.”