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Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policy

IBIC2023 Attendee Code of Conduct

Date: 2022-September-07

1.0 Purpose

The Purpose of this document is to provide the IBIC2023 attendees with a written guide of expectations whilst attending the conference.

2.0 Scope

The IBIC2023 organizing committee is committed to providing a safe working environment, and promoting respect, equity and balance. IBIC2023 is also committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of its activities. We expect conference attendees to comply with applicable laws and to conduct themselves responsibly, ethically and with integrity.

This conference attendee Code of Conduct (“Code”) outlines the principles and standards that IBIC2023’s attendees are required to follow and uphold whilst attending the conference.

Compliance with this Code is mandatory for all attendees. IBIC2023 expects attendees to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this Code. Conduct that is illegal, dishonest or unethical constitutes a breach of this Code, whether or not the conduct is specifically addressed in this Code.

3.0 Standards

Compliance with Laws

Attendees must ensure that all of their activities comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan and the laws of Canada.

4.0 Responsible Treatment of Individuals

Respect and Diversity

Attendees must act in a manner characterized by respect for the dignity of every individual. Attendees must respect the diversity of others with whom they interact, including conference staff and other attendees. This shall include respect for differences such as gender, race, colour, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnic origin, religion and any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.


Acts or threats of harassment will not be tolerated and relations with IBIC2023 personnel and other attendees shall be conducted in a respectful and cooperative manner.  Attendees must not engage in nor tolerate any harassment, violence, intimidation, retaliation, discrimination, or other disrespectful or inappropriate behavior.


Acts or threats of physical violence and intimidation will not be tolerated.  Engaging in violence or threatening or intimidating behavior may result in termination of access to the IBIC2023 or immediate removal from IBIC2023 property, as deemed appropriate by the organizing committee.  All reported incidents shall be forwarded to the proper authorities for investigation.

5.0 Code Compliance

Failure to comply with this Code may result in termination of access to IBIC2023.

Attendees have the responsibility to report any known or suspected violations of any applicable laws and/or any non-compliance with this Code to IBIC2023’s organizers in a timely manner.

Attendees may address all notifications under, and any questions relating to the interpretation or application of, this Code to IBIC2023’s organizers at