6-9 July 2021
GMT timezone
July 6th - 9th

Scientific Programme

This is the Scientific Programme for the Spring 2021 EPICS Collaboration meeting held virtually.

  • Organisation&Remarks

  • An Introduction to EPICS and its beginnings

    Learn about where the idea for EPICS originated from one of its original architects (invited speaker). If you have a story to tell about learning EPICS or mistakes to avoid or a neat trick you know we would like to hear from you.

  • EPICS for Industries

    An opportunity for industry representative to share information about their coolest gadgets and how to get EPICS to talk to them.

  • EPICS: Invited, contributed, and lightning talks

    Anything and everything topics about EPICS.

    What is the coolest thing you've done with EPICS?
    Are you interested in telling the EPICS community about a feature request?
    You've got five to fifteen minutes to tell us (or more if you've got an exciting enough topic).

    We will have someone talk about firewalls. What could be cooler than that? Your talk perhaps?

  • Future of EPICS in a Post Pandemic World

    An opportunity to discuss the future of EPICS in a post pandemic world. The last year has been a challenge to say the least. It has taught the world the value of international collaboration and working remotely became commonplace. There has been a paradigm shift that have many questioning if this will be the new normal. The global pandemic will remain a challenge for the foreseeable future but there is cause for optimism. With any crisis we face there is opportunity to learn from it. International collaboration is essential for scientific progress and helps us solve the world's toughest problems. EPICS is a collaborative effort and we should embrace this spirit to help us progress forward and leverage some of the lessons we have learnt by sharing them. We would like to hear your stories of how you managed to cope this crisis and what tools were used to continue supporting EPICS while working remotely.

    And what is the Future of EPICS. What will it look like in a decade from now when we will hopefully have survived long enough to find out?

  • EPICS - Introduction, tutorials, demos

  • Lightning

  • Tutorial

  • GUI

  • EPICS - Invited

  • Tools

  • EPICS - General